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Ep 18: Heal your Eczema or Skin Conditions w/ Renee Harris founder of Hard Lotion

August 30, 2021 Renee Harris Founder of Hard Lotion Episode 18
Moving through Midlife | Movement Snacks for Midlife Moms, Fitness over 40, Lose the Midsection, and Parenting Teens
Ep 18: Heal your Eczema or Skin Conditions w/ Renee Harris founder of Hard Lotion
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Today I interview Renee Harris the founder of Hard Lotion products. 

She discusses a product that you can use to ease skin irritations like eczema.

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episode eight, struggling with eczema I'm really excited to have you listen in today, as I'm speaking with Rene with the company hard lotion. And if you have children who deal with eczema, then you're going to know how stressful it can be to have to constantly put steroid creams on your children. So I wanted to share this with you today. Renee is a mom of nine children who had a need. After dealing with dry split hands, she learned about some ingredients that would help to ease the pain, and then turned around and created her own product, while providing her children the opportunity to help run the business. So she learned about this ingredient, she's added it to her products. And in turn, it now helps families with eczema with dry skin, and any skincare irritation where there is a recommendation for steroid use, I would really encourage you to give this a try. Hard lotion works wonders without any of the harsh chemicals. And it is safe. Make sure to listen to the end where I will be sharing a special gift with you that Renee is so kind to offer all of my listeners. So I hope you enjoy this interview with Rene, can you tell me a little bit about yourself, and how you got started with the hard lotion? Yeah, it's definitely something I wasn't looking for. As far as starting a business, it was definitely a high, I just figured out a recipe that works for my problem. And then much later, it turned into business because we've figured it's helping a lot of people, let's get this out there. But what my problem was, though, was that I have always had those splits and cracks in my fingers. And I should let me preface this all by saying that I'm mom of nine. So my husband and I have been married for 25 years. And our oldest is 23. And our youngest is five. So you know, we've got lots of kids and lots of sometimes different skin issues. But definitely that's been part of the process of how this whole thing started. So and we live up in Northern California, we really love where we live the area is it's not it's more of the out in the wilderness, kind of not quite the wilderness. But anyway, it's definitely in the beautiful part of Northern California. So we really like the environment that we're in. But we also lived in Colorado for eight years. And that is a place that is high altitude super dry, you know, Arizona, I'm sure that people there can relate to, but your skin just gets super dry. And I've always had that issue with my hands like my I get little splits in my fingers. And then having a lot of kids, you're just washing your hands a lot. And the only thing I could really figure out that works after trying everything would just I'd have to have band aids on my skin all the time. And then you wash your hands and you have to replace that. So it's just that whole ongoing problem that I've had. My mom's always had the same problem too. So we would compare notes or say, Hey, have you tried this and and then she was the one that actually said, Hey, I was at a farmers market. And someone presented me with this thing called a lotion bar. Have you ever heard of that month now. And I've done all of the kind of, you know, trying to raise the family a little bit more naturally. So we'd make our own yogurt, we make this and make that and I was even just kind of dabbling with making our own soap. So just just stuff that's kind of the mom stuff to do. And she kind of she thought I would be interested in trying to figure this one out. So since it worked for her skin, I was like, yeah, I'll try that. And then it was something that was a three ingredient thing. And I could find all the ingredients at my local health food store. And the recipe that I found online was super easy to do. So just coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax. All it took was just melting those down, stirring it, let it solidify and you got a lotion bar. That's like how simple it was. But what was amazing is that it immediately made my hands feel good, like my hands did not hurt when applying because sometimes if you use pump lotions and they have you love the fragrance and smells good, but the minute hits your skin and if you've got those splits and cuts, it just stings. Yeah. And then it feels great for, you know, probably about 10 or 15 minutes, and then you have to reapply later on a day. And so it just wasn't that long lasting. But this lasted for a long time in my skin. And I get the splits in my heels. And it helped with that, too. So it was all of those factors that worked amazingly well. And then it was around the same time few weeks later that my son would get his normal bouts of eczema. He would break out seasonally. And so I thought I'll just try it. And then I fixed that too, which was Amazing. So I just felt like, okay, we're onto something here. So it wasn't for another six months that a local farmers market came in, they were gonna start a local farmers market. And we're looking for vendors. And I'm not one to go out and try to set up a fan, but that this could be fun. We're homeschooling our kids. So I thought this could be fun for the kids to get involved in. And my older two were like eight and 10 at the time, and we didn't have as many kids back then. But we missed. Because I was like, that's all I need is throw one more thing. This worked out well at the time to say, hey, let's go do this once a week. And we did. And it was amazing, because I just found that by showing somebody something like this, and they try it and find that it works for their skin. It was amazing how I wanted to keep going back out there. And my boys were with me too. And we just talked about entrepreneurial stuff and learned just from, from the very beginning of how to get a product out there. So anyway, after that, after all those Saturday morning 6am setups got to be a little old returning into an online business. And then we were able to eventually make that a full time family business. So that's kind of what we've been doing for the past 12 years. Yeah, that's amazing. That's great. I have used your hard lotion. And it's interesting because I had found this other product that I was using, and it was coconut oil based. And I was using it on my heels and it didn't work. It has not worked. I put it on and I'm not very consistent with things like this. So I put it on one night wouldn't work. Go a couple of days. Try it again. My daughter would be like mom, your, your feet are so rough. So when I received your product, I put it on one evening, the next morning, it's smooth. I still had a few cracks, but it was smooth. It didn't feel dry or anything. And then I put it on again. And like the cracks are almost gone. You can it almost looks like I've had a pet. Like it's amazing. I think I've used the product three days because I'm not consistent, like I said, and it wasn't three days in a row, but it's been three days. I am amazed at how well it works for dry skin on the feet. Yeah, and which one I don't remember which one you have. Do you have like the foot rubs stick? Or do you have the bar? I have the bar. Okay, so that's great, because that's all you need. Really. Yeah. And if you were to just put that on at night, right before you go to bed and sometimes like if you have it on if you have it like very generously applied to your feet. If you get someone to massage it into your feet that is the best so I have my husband will do that when my feet get really bad he'll just massage I get a foot massage with it. And then all night long the morning my feet just feel so smooth because it's been a lot massage and I mean that would take care of your feet for a long time. Right say normally you have to put socks on and you didn't have to I was so amazed the next morning how Yeah, it just days. Yeah, yeah, it stays and then as summer is so hot to put socks on like and I've done that before too and if my feet get really bad I might do that I might put socks on but I can't handle socks at all on the summertime it's just and I don't even like it in the winter especially sleep it just feels claustrophobic for some reason on my feet right so but yeah it's nice because you don't have to and it's that long lasting so the reason that it's long lead the other one that you try that you said didn't work was that a solid kind of product? Or was that like a lotion pump lotion? Um, no, it was more of a solid it was in a jar. I mean it was just like coconut just scoop it out yeah okay for now and it melted as it yanked up in your hands. Okay, so the reason why and I should explain what a lotion bar is because your you know your listeners may not understand that it looks like a borescope I mean if you just see it in fact people will see it online. And we had a bigger problem with this when we first started our business that we forget you know we're so used to using it that we forget to tell people it's not so so don't use it with water you don't wash with it. And and now it seems like that people understand that but back then in the beginning we didn't make that clear enough online. And now we you know we've when we send it out we have a how to use it which is really easy but we just want to make sure it's used right? Right. It's so it has three ingredients in it. It's the beeswax is what makes it hard. But it's also what makes it last in your skin for such a long time. And then shea butter is shea butter is something is so amazing. It's actually comes from a Shea nut that's grown that grows on trees, usually in Africa. And then when you take that the butter part of the nut is that what's the inside and then it's whipped into like a butter. That part is what helps skin ailments so well like if you have kids with eczema or psoriasis. And in fact, we have a product that's just for your face. And it has just shea butter and Rose hip seed oil because it's like an anti aging oil. So just those two for the face is that's all I use to as a moisturizer for my face. And that's it. So shea butter alone is like you can do so much. So if you have any, anybody listening has a problem with anything. I have anyone like I want it today, I don't even want to when it's spelled, spelled sh EA and it's just like one single ingredient that you can get it you know, natural health food store, right? So you could judge this, what do you have with the resume? So what we have Oh, that one is called simply Shea. Okay, that was the name of that is simply Shea. Okay, so that one is, it's a little bit softer that well, it's a lot softer than the bar. But it's not like a creamy lotion. When you think of putting it on your face. In fact, you actually want to rub it a little bit in the palm of your hand and then apply it to your face. Because it is thicker than a cream. In the summertime it's actually softer because of the heat. But so the simply Shea has those two ingredients together but shea butter alone is an amazing ingredient that can be used for so many different ailments and issues and stuff so so with the beeswax and shea butter, then the other one is coconut oil. And most people are super familiar with coconut oil. And because it kind of like almost absorbs right into your skin on contact, like you know, in the wintertime it's it's solid. And then in the summer at least here it's super hot. So it's always liquid, and if right now for us. But it's also that one that because of that temperature variance, it's a perfect complement to the bar because the minute you start to rub the bar over your hands, the bar the ingredients is absorbed, right and so it doesn't take a lot of rubbing, and it doesn't feel like soap that you can't like, Okay, if you rub soap on your skin, you definitely need water to get it to absorb, right, but this because the bar alone, you just start your body's warm temperature, it just absorbs right in and helps your skin. So that's kind of how it works. And one thing I noticed I don't wear a lot of lotion because as a trainer, when I put lotion on, I slip and slide like when I grab weights, they are very slippery or when I'm exercising, you know moving around, everything is slippery, so I don't wear lotion. And I noticed with this, I put it on one morning before class, but it must be like the beeswax. Like you said, it wasn't slippery, My hands were not slippery, I didn't have any issue with the weight. So I thought that was a great thing as well. And if you are you know, if you're not wearing gloves when you're doing like kettlebells or something and you get calluses, it really helps with the calluses too. So it's just like an extra benefit of those really hard calluses, the ingredients help with that. And actually, since you're talking exercise, what we noticed about ingredients and this is kind of how we evolved over the past 12 years as a business is that I was looking at other ingredients to see if I could modify another product that you get at the store, take like that one ingredient that really makes that product work. And then put it in the same kind of concoction that we have our three ingredient base with. And so one of those like so if you're familiar with Tiger Balm, and some of those products that when you have muscle soreness, and you want that cooling effect, it's the menthol that is that there are little metal crystals that is in that same thing that you in puff and cough drops. So it's that menthol that's like it's super cooling, right and it helps clear up your sinuses. So the st that one in green, only one ingredient is what makes Tiger Balm what it is and some of those other cooling products. So I thought okay, they have to add water to their products too. And then once you add water, you're adding preservatives, you're adding extra additives. And that becomes something that could be a skin issue for somebody because they could be allergic to it. Sometimes they'll also add fragrances because they want it to smell good. There has to be the right feel they want it to feel softer if they feel like a gel or whatever it's supposed to feel like so they have to have that whole component of how it feels and smells and they want it more creamy and water makes things a lot cheaper because it's water. But if you just took that one thing that works in the bombs like that, and you put it in a product base like we have we created a muscle bomb out of that. So we put mental and mental Let me tell you a story to tell you what the men thought we had this big box it had a shipment of mental had come in and it was an a huge box and inside the box, it's all it's all wrapped in plastic so it's completely you can't smell it from the outside. So the big box is sitting sitting on the ground and my husband came is plops himself on the box. Like when he got up 30 minutes later, he's like, my bum feels like it's me it was like that cooling like feeling and that is how powerful that menthol is, but in a bomb and So we have what's called a be cool stick. And so it's the same ingredients. And then we add some essential oils that are really good too. And also the smell of it, people will actually use it to clear out their sinuses because it's got some peppermint essential oil and tea tree. But when you apply that to your muscle soreness, that cooling effect, like if I'm if I'm sore, especially cuz I'm at the computer, so my back will be sore my upper back, and I'm trying to sleep at night, I'll just apply the stick to my back. And it just, it helps the pain just kind of takes the pain away from probably being in my head, where I'm feeling everything, but it makes it feel a lot better. So it was just neat to see how that's one of the biggest things I've learned over the years is how important ingredients are and how you could just modify one little thing and make something else with it. That's great having an effect with children on the ingredients. That's something my son, my oldest, he has to have everything hypoallergenic allergenic because of skin issues. He has eczema and things like that. So it's always very difficult for us to find products to be able to use for him. So I was excited to see your product and how it helps children with eczema because he dealt with what we thought was eczema when he was younger. So he has been on all the steroid creams. So to be able to have something like this to provide children to work out having to be on the steroid cream is wonderful. And you said you have one of your children has eczema. Yeah, and this is more seasonal. Okay, we have a so his his thankfully it's more manageable. He just gets it at certain times of the year. So it's not like I have seen a lot of really hard cases, because that's usually how people find us is I know moms have to look at the ingredient listing. And so eczema is really complicated, because dermatologists can just assign eczema to just any kind of skin condition. So you don't really know but from digging, and then finding out from our own customers what they've done. So there's just a lot of issues that could be addressed that might actually fix that. So sometimes one of the biggest is allergies, just food allergies is a huge one. So and it's usually the common ones like gluten and dairy eggs. Those are like the common ones, which is super hard when you have little kids because it's like, especially if it's gluten. Oh my goodness, it's in everything. Right? The scary thing about the gluten part is that it's also in a lot of skincare that can still cause people to react to the skincare because it's an a vitamin E, a lot of the vitamin E 's that are used in skincare are actually gluten based. So the now you have to kind of like a great now it's one more thing to watch on an ingredient list. So that's that's part of it. But yeah, it's really it's tough with kids and having to keep track of that. It could also be the environment like a lot of people find out that they've got molds in the house, they didn't realize and that's causing kids x or anybody, not just kids, but that's causing eczema issues. So there's just so many different factors. Unfortunately, when I was just looking up this morning to tell you about her that she has an awesome resource. She is called the eczema expert, and I'll give you the link to her site. Okay. But she is okay, eczema She's in the UK. Her name is Rebecca moniteau. And what I found her She is the resource for parents on skin issues. She gives you like a little quiz to take and then she gives you like a whole it's all free too. She has a lot of free stuff. And you can always hire her if you really have some extreme issues want to dig into. But you can get down to the bottom of your issues. Just by kind of going through some of her free stuff that she has on her website. That's great with my son. He was he's playing football now and he had injured himself. So the athletic trainer, she taped him up he had a reaction to the to the tape. And I think what I said to him because my son's allergic to corn and that's where his eczema and it was dermatitis herpetiformis but it wasn't exactly eczema but he was diagnosed with eggs Yeah, so he had that last night and we rubbed some of that's the hard lotion on and it's better today so it's wow it's an amazing i think i think it was like you know the cornstarch is used in a lot of fabrics like chemical you know when they put stuff on the fabric yeah dry cleaning sheets. It's in so much so I said I think it must be something in the tape they probably use like corn starch or something because it's cheap to ring yeah so yeah oh yeah the problem and and I don't want to mom guilt anybody but the problem long term with steroids is it will it will fix it. In fact, you know, we had a senate he went through this thing about a year ago that it was just this constant could not get rid of is like a rash skin condition that I was like I don't want to take him I don't want to take him in. So yeah, okay, we just need to spend some time working on his diet and getting them cleaned up. And he's been, you know, he's the one that's probably the worst diet, he's getting a lot better now. But to convince him that it's you got to try it, you got it, let's go dairy free, that's hard if someone's not used to it, right. And then we're going to try all this different elimination stuff. And I was always at the end of my rope knowing I knew that they would give them steroids. But I also knew that would take care of it, I knew I was going to heal it up. But the problem is, is that when it comes back, it's back to the steroids and that long term use thins their skin. So that's kind of like the long term use of steroids is the problem of it, does it we'll get rid of it. It's kind of working on whatever the inflammation on the inside. But it's that long term that is so easy to become dependent on but I was this close, and then all of a sudden, something seemed to kick in and improve. Like, we figured out that one thing and it was hard, because we just wanted to prove to him not like we can just keep working on this. And we can have some success with it. But we didn't it took a while it took like a couple of weeks of him being miserable and scratching, and that makes it worse. And yeah, that is like 15 so it's pie I know. And you know writing Are there other skin ailments that you use your products for me another one that this is another actually a different product. But going back to small children or it doesn't even actually as my as my children, but I had one of my kids must have been a baby at the time. I was looking at the desert and that I was using on him and it was like 17% zinc oxide. So I think six sake oxides natural, you know, you can. It's consumable. So what if we put that in the lotion, and yet, it couldn't be as hard as a bar, because you don't want to have to try to rub that on a baby's skin so sensitive and so delicate, but what we did was took in this case, we took the shea butter out, and then we lessen the amount of beeswax so that it's just mostly coconut oil and and then we packed it with zinc oxide. And if you know if you ever remember the movies where the lifeguards have the white noses, that's just the oxide. And so it's also a it's also a sunscreen, you'll see most sunscreens that are all natural will have zinc oxide in it. So but that's also what helps the rash. So I made that one up and applied it to our baby's rash at the time. And it was like, okay, that's just as good as desitin Yeah, comparing your 20 something ingredients in a dessutom tube to here we took it down to three ingredients, we want to keep as you know, as few as possible and not add any fragrances or essential oils or anything because we know it's going to be on for babies. It doesn't even smell bad. So there's not even like that cod fish. And, and it works great. So it's just another you know, we have to the challenge we have is that because it's coconut oil, we add a little more beeswax in the summertime so that it stays that consistent smoothness, but okay, works great. Yeah, I noticed on your Instagram, that you had posted something about going in the swimming pool. And I just thought that was really great. Can you share with the listeners what you do with the lotion for that? Yeah, so I love it. Like I love swimming, that's my sport of choice. And we only have access to the pool in the summertime. But it also dries out my skin and it's a public neighborhood pool. So it's going to be full of chlorine and everything else. But what I wanted to show on that Instagram video was that by my by lather and not lather because it's not like that's not the wrong phrase to use. But by rubbing in the lotion bar in my skin before swimming. And then doing my laps coming out. The water just kind of beads up still on top of the skin. So it's not it's not absorbing in and it's like my skin's been pretest got that little layer of protection while I swim. And my skin doesn't feel super dried out after I get out. So yeah, that that was a nice another benefit again, I I'm crediting the beeswax for that. Right It has that nice protective layer and the long lasting wear it doesn't just get stripped and stay in the water while we're swimming but it's actually staying in my skin right have you ever tried anything for sunscreen with your product since you mentioned zinc oxide? I just thought of Yeah, we looked into that though that is so because it's connected to Kent skin cancer it is super regulated and it has a lot of money to go down that road. So I I will say I just use the rash cream on my skin if I'm just out at the beach or something and we're with the only and I try to not use too much sunscreen in general like I don't you have to listen to your own body and your own dermatologist. I don't make any medical claims. Right, right. Right. But I I prefer to not have to wear sunscreen until I need it. Or if I was really concerned about my kids burning for sure. But yes, I definitely just I just use the rash cream. And that protects us. I mean, it's usually only if we're going to be out at the beach for a long time. And but yeah, works fine for that too. So great. Oh, you know what I thought of is the shampoo bar. I have seen these different places, and I saw that you sell it as well. Can you talk me through this wood? Exactly. I'm very interested because I want to help with the whole plastics, I want to get rid of some of the plastic use in our house. And I find the shampoo bar. Very interesting, but I have yet to try it. So yes, tell me a little bit more. There's a whole learning curve with your hair on on the shampoo bar. Okay, so now the there's a few products that we don't personally make. And those are all of the soap based products. So anything that is like a saponified of all the different, we try to use the same, I have our soapmaker use the same ingredients, like I usually kind of give a list of I use her expertise, because I feel like with soap, that's not my expertise. So I have soap makers that that's all they do. They've been doing it for years. And so I found the shampoo bar that from somebody else. And I was like, curious, same reasons that you're getting totally curious about, can you actually replace your pump shampoo with a bar? And how does that work. So I start I just ordered from her I started using it on my hair. And it took some time to kind of adjust. But I absolutely swear by these now because my it's different hair types. And so the best, the best way to decide if it's for you or not is like if you went to our website and looked at all the different reviews for the shampoo bar, okay, most people are having really great results with it. Same thing with we have a product called hair butter. So if you have kinky curly hair, a little bit dry, coarse hair, flyaway hair, then the hair butter works great for that. But sometimes people will use too much and it looks crazy, my hair is like super fine and prone to being greasy. So the hair butter or my hair would not be a good fit, I've got my husband's hair and his beard is perfect for that. So so for the hair butter and the shampoo bar, look at the reviews to see if that sounds like a good fit for you. Okay, and then the main thing with the shampoo bar is that your hair is so accustomed to your pump shampoo that it's going to, it's almost like it's going to fight it at first. So some people have no problem right away. And the way it works is you're just it's like a bar of soap. So in the shower, after you get your hair wet, you would just lather up the shampoo bar and then put it on your hair and lather it up and then make sure you rinse it really well. And that just like shampoo, so everything else is just like shampoo, it's just that you lather it up on your hands instead of the easy pump. So that part takes an extra few minutes. But that's not even that hard. Okay, and then what I've noticed with my own hair is that my hair after it feels a lot thicker, which is what I want, because I've got that fine, limp hair. So I find that I don't have to do as much with my hair by using the shampoo bar. Now over time. In fact, the weird thing is that my hairstylist could tell she's like, well, you have healthy hair. And I had I just turned 52 also this this year. So she's like, man for your age, you have really helped me here and she's been doing my hair. She is so in tune to hair that I had a baby five years ago. And I was still breastfeeding her after probably a year or so. And she's like I can tell you're still breastfeed your baby based on that how your hair feels like she knows the hormones have something to do with the hair. Right? So what was nice was to hear her say that the shampoo, same Delta be doing like she's familiar with my hair enough to know that it seems to be even more healthy, which was like, okay, that's great. There can be so what you need to do some people some of the things that make it a little bit more difficult. One is that that phase of getting used to it, so if you just kind of use it, you can use it on it, same same amount of frequency that you wash your hair, continue to do that, but just use the bar and see how it goes for a while. Okay, if you feel like after a while there's like more build up in your hair, then and or if you're used to using a conditioner, then you can use a vinegar rinse, and I just put vinegar and water together and I keep a bottle in the shower. And I would just after washing my hair with a shampoo bar, then I will do a vinegar rinse where I'm just and it totally just feels like a conditioner. So you could do that every now and then. And I only do that I only need to do about once a month. Other people might feel like they need to do that more often. But it works great. And that smell of vinegar will go away so you won't have to worry about smelling like vinegar all day long. Okay, okay. But that's really I was amazed. And then, you know, we have these big bars. And if I go on vacation, I just slice a piece of that. And that's what I especially if you're going to fly somewhere and you want to take stuff on carry on and the TSA only allows so many ounces of liquid. But by doing having that I'll use that as a soap and shampoo and I'm done. I mean that's kind of like easy, right? Right. Okay, and I can even leave it there if I want to because I just took a sliver enough to last me a few days and if I don't feel like bringing it back in the bag, I could just toss it or whatever. So yeah. Okay and then. So for someone I have thicker hair dryer would you recommend Because I'm thinking after shampoo bar, I really want conditioner in my hair. Would you then do the hair butter? Does it? Does it work as a conditioner? Yeah, you don't? Well, I don't know of anybody. That's where I look at the reviews of them. But I don't know that people will use it and then wash it out. I don't think right? You want to use it that way. Okay, that as a leave in conditioner. Yes. do use it for that. Okay. Excellent. And start with a small amount, just like rub it into your hands and finger it in. But if you put too much in now, I don't know. It depends. I just saying that from reading what people feedback, the feedback they give me sometimes they'll just like, Oh, I just use too much. But then I noticed I don't use that much. It works out better. If you just or you might want to just use it on the ends or something like I it's hard because everybody has different hair. Right? Yeah, right. Okay. Perfect. Is there any other information valuable information that you want to share in regards to any of the products? I know that you? I mean, you you have a ton of stuff, the goat milk, milk soap, and so and the avocado soap My son is using for his his acne? Yeah, for his acne. So yeah, and the avocado soap. We that's another one, our soap maker met us. She makes it for us. And then we get it from her. And that's made with real avocado puree. So it's like actual avocado. In fact, it's funny because some people will, like I bought a bar from you last month, and then this month looks like a different shade of green is I guess, because it's all kinds of real stuff. So just depends on how ripe you avocados are, I guess. But yeah, that's that could be for any sky is that on mine, I have more naturally oily skin on my face. And it doesn't have to be just for acne. It doesn't have to be just for dry skin. It's all kinds of skin for the avocado bar. And then the goat milk, we started to sell that because I had a nephew who had super, I mean, he was just so prone to eczema. And he had just the worst skin condition. And I had a video about him on YouTube. And someone reached out to me, she was a soap maker, we actually used her as our sole maker for quite a while. And she said Oh, goat milk soap is what that boy needs. Started. But first because we have so many people with X amount come to us, the goat they needed to replace their over the you know, whatever they buy for soap, because this one is just the ingredients are so much better for the skin. So that's how come we moved into soap and shaving bars to we have we have the same person shaving. Yeah. And noticing your skin, you have beautiful skin. For women over 40 the wrinkles are starting to set in what I do at night is for just before I go to bed is I'll use the avocado facial bar to wash my face with and then I'll apply the simply Shea at night. And that's all that's all I need to do. And then the next morning, or if I didn't apply it the night before if I'm going to put makeup on or something, or even regardless, I'll put the simply Shea on my face. And that's it. So that's Yeah, yeah. Okay, that we're working on a course that's talking about because a lot of times, it's not just the actual products, that's a big deal. But it's also like so many other factors. It's like the, I've been working with a functional health medicine coach, and so for two years, so she's really helped me in all these other areas of my life, not just, you know, getting good skin, but just the exercise and what I eat and all of that. So we're doing a course that's going to talk about all these other different factors. Sleep Affects your skin, and stress affects your skin. And so all of those things like how do you manage that because you have to have sleep. And if you're not sleeping, you need to figure out why and all that. So that's another thing that we try to do with people is, is educate so there's not just like, come and buy our lotion, but come and figure out what your skin issues are and how you can make it better because a lot of times it's on the inside, how to get fixed. So yeah, like you figured out what the corn that hadn't been huge for your son, once you kind of figured out Did you have a test done for him? Or did you just eliminate we did and what's interesting is we had a skin test done on him he was highly allergic to corn and peanut. But we did not make the connection because it was a skin test. We were thinking that he just can't be in contact with those things. But obviously peanuts. I knew that it was he could not have it at all. But for some reason I did not think about the corn in the same way. So he was dealing with dermatitis herpetiformis. And when I was looking that up, it kept saying celiac, so we cut him off of all gluten. Well when you cut someone off of all gluten, really all you have left is rice and corn. So we were eating he was eating so much rice and corn products and he was not getting better, but we didn't know because he was also using steroid cream at the time. So we didn't see that he was breaking out. Well, finally, at some point, you know, we had gone through the steroid creams and he started breaking out again. And it wasn't like all over his body, he would have these patches and come to find out my daughter gets these white patches on the back of her skin as well in hers is from corn also. Oh, like on the back of her knees. Yeah, again, just becomes white, which I think that I don't know what that's called. But I know that there is a diagnosis for that. Ours is corn related. So once we saw this, like he would eat popcorn or something, and then he braked out like, you were a plus five with corn. We need to pull corn and once we pulled corn, we allowed gluten back into his diet. He was fine with gluten. It is Yeah, it's it's one of those things where it's corn starch, it's corn meal. It's an everything, everything. Yeah, no, because it's the sweetener. So it's going to be in I mean, sodas have the corn stir everything as corn syrup. Yeah. So hard. Yes. Yeah. So that plus wheat would have been that would have been taking you over the edge to get to get wheat back a little bit. Yes. Oh, yeah. How can people find you on the internet? Okay, well, we are at hard lotion calm. And so back when we started it. Thankfully, we thought of the domain that would be easy to remember. at the farmers market, we would say hard lotion, and people would come up and say, You misspelled hand. It's hand lotion. Oh, well. That so much anymore. But yeah, our largest calm is the fastest way to find it. Thank you. Okay. And I know that you are providing a special offer for our listeners. Yes. And better than don't even go to hard lotion calm because I made a special page for you based on and by the way we can add to this page because you haven't tried some of the other products. So whatever your opinions are on, I'll keep adding to our page of what you like. So we've kind of made you a custom page. And that one is harvest forward slash form for us. Yep. Yep. So when you go to hard, forward slash formfit, four bit. That will take you right to Courtney's customized page of what she likes. And you could still do all your exploring from there. But that will tell what Courtney has tried and loves and and then yeah, there you go. And then oh, we gave you guys a discount, didn't we? $5 off. Oh, it made it easy to form fit for$5 off anything you want to try. So there's we have lip balms we I mean, we have a lot of we do have a lot of different products. I keep finding myself on no more new stuff. But you know, there's we've got like lip balms and then some of the lotions that we do in the hard form, we also will add different essential oils. So there's one like frankincense, any Lang and Lang that people really like. And so that's those combinations. So we'll come out and Christmas time, we usually have some kind of different scent come out but and then we also have an artistic form too. So sometimes it is going to be plastic though. So if you don't if you're avoiding plastic, don't get the stick. But those sometimes you don't if you don't want to on your own skin, but you're applying it to a child, you can use this stick. And then with the bars, we also have at least for the just the base one that be silk. We have those in refills too. So I know people Oh comes in a tin. You just need to refill, you just use the bar form and you had your own tin that you bought the first time. You've just come back to save money and you can buy him and refill packs. Oh, that's great. Okay, perfect. Excellent. All right. Thank you so much for being here and sharing all of your information with us. Thank you for adding me in any questions that people have, please. I'm very responsive to email. So Renee at heart lotion, calm is the fastest way to email and to get contact. That's excellent. And we will have all of that information in the show notes as well for you. So, thank you. Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my interview with Rene and I hope it brought you some value today. I also hope that if you or your family are dealing with skin issues, you can rely on a product like hard lotion to help ease the discomfort while getting to the root of the problem. Head to hard lotion comm forward slash formfit. To receive $5 off at checkout, you will need to use the code form fit and you also see where she is offering a free gift with the purchase. So if you go to hard forward slash form fit, you'll be able to see some of the products that I recommend. And you'll also see that there is a free gift there and then when you're at the checkout, make sure to put in form fit as your code to receive an additional $5 off. And if you purchase any of the products, please make sure to let me know as I would love to hear what you think. I hope you all have a wonderful day.