Raising Healthy Humans

Ep 14: Helping Families Ease Stress and Anxiety with Dr. Alyssa Runyon

August 02, 2021 Courtney McManus Episode 14
Raising Healthy Humans
Ep 14: Helping Families Ease Stress and Anxiety with Dr. Alyssa Runyon
Show Notes

I am so excited to share with you today’s interview with Dr. Alyssa with the Reset 3 program.  She is a chiropractor, is able to provide acupuncture, and the developer of the Vagus Nerve Treatment Protocol where she can help you to begin easing your chronic pain, stress, and anxiety by focusing on your Vagus nerve.  Whether you are just now moving back into school and the workplace with this new normal or you are already back into this constant state of go go go, we are at a point in time where we are all dealing with so much stress, anxiety, and added fear of not knowing everything that is happening in our world right now.  Dr. Alyssa is here to provide us with so many great takeaways on how we can work on flipping our stress and anxiety responses for ourselves and our children and move more into this, much needed, relaxed state.  So join me now as we learn more about Dr. Alyssa and her Vagus Nerve Treatment protocol.

Time Stamps:
(1:20)-Dr Alyssa explains how she came up with the Vagus Nerve Protocol
(4:05)-Discussing our current culture and people showing more signs of pain
(5:25)-Fear shuts down the vagus nerve
(7:00)-How do we start to move through this time of the world opening back up
(10:45)-Dealing with cortisol and the sympathetic state
(11:45)-First thing you can start to do to help calm yourself down
(14:05)-Breathing and your fight or flight response
(16:30)-Recommendations on calming down
(19:15)-Helping your kids with stress
(20:45)-How food affects your vagus nerve
(21:15)-How are brain handles stressors we see on TV
(24:45)-Diaphragm and the Vagus Nerve
(27:00)-Our biofield and how other's affect us
(29:30)-The Importance of being calm around our children
(33:00)-Earthing can help to calm our children
(33:55)-The environment in our home
(36:40)- Things you can do to start flipping the 80/20
(41:00)-Information about the Reset3 Program
(42:15)-An exercise for you to practice
(45:00)-Introverts and the Vagus nerve

So I hope you enjoyed learning from Dr. Alyssa as much as I did.  She provided us with a wealth of information on how we can not only practice getting into a more relaxed state but also how so many things we are doing in our own household has an effect on our children's stress and anxiety and how we can help alleviate some of it for them.  Please make sure to head to welcome.reset3.ca to receive a free downloadable along with valuable mind/body/biofield information through emails and also make sure to follow her on IG at r.e.s.e.t.3 for more great information and tips.  I truly hoped you enjoyed this interview with Dr Alyssa as she provided us with so many great actionable steps that we can begin taking today to help raise healthier humans.  


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