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Ep 26: Why everyone needs to take a day to detox their home with Kelly Liston

October 25, 2021 Kelly Liston, Detox your Home in One Day Episode 26
Raising Healthy Humans
Ep 26: Why everyone needs to take a day to detox their home with Kelly Liston
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Today I am interviewing Kelly Liston with detox your home in one day. And I'm excited to have her on we actually met 15 years ago, as she was a another stroller fitness franchise owner. And we met at one of the conferences. So I'm really excited to be able to work with her again in some way. And I hope you enjoy learning about how you can detox your home.

She created the detox your home in one day system so that people can have an immediate win. A lot of people have stuff in their home that they can quickly get rid of and not miss.

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Welcome to raising healthy humans. I am your host Courtney, a personal trainer and health coach and the founder of formfit. a community where I help busy moms move more. As a busy and sometimes overwhelmed mama three myself, I understand that it can be difficult to find ways to live and raise Healthy Families. It is my goal to help provide you with the information you need to help raise healthy humans. Today I am interviewing Kelly Liston with detox your home in one day. And I'm excited to have her on we actually met 15 years ago, as she was a another stroller fitness franchise owner. And we met at one of the conferences. So I'm really excited to be able to work with her again in some way. And I hope you enjoy learning about how you can detox your home by created the detox your home in one day system so that people can have an immediate win. I mean, a lot of people have stuff in their home that they can quickly get rid of and not miss. Like, it's not like you throw it away and be like, Okay, well what do I What do I use instead? Right, you know, right, I get there. But there's also a lot of things you can get rid of, and never take back again, or even find a replacement. And so I realized that I have over the years to I mean, gosh, 12 years ago, when I started this, there wasn't much of a there weren't many companies that were were providing, like a product that was clean or non toxic. I really had to dig deep and I end up making a lot of stuff at home as a lot of people did, because it just wasn't there or there was one but it sucked like it didn't work. Right. Right. And and so I realized that now I mean we're we're really in a great time where there's so many companies are are answering the call for non toxic products, people want them people are voting with their dollar and so I find it completely I love it when I can find a company that is completely transparent that I can trust and now there's there's more no more companies that offer products that are decent and, and good and non toxic. And it's easy to stick with. Right? Oh, that works. I'm gonna stick with this, or I don't really like this. Let me find another company and there's there they exist. It's a little bit easier. But still there's that due diligence of you know, okay, well if I if you find a product that there's so much greenwashing It's ridiculous. So it's doing the due diligence and reading the ingredients and using resources like ew G, the Environmental Working Group to really discern what what is good and what isn't. And part of my detox your home. In one day package, there's a digital shopping guide you can add on that literally takes out that guesswork. So it's it's not overwhelming. I just pick things that I like that I've used that I found that fit the bill for me, and I give you a couple options, maybe like two or three that you can choose from and try versus saying okay, well, what am I going to use for my base moisturizer now? Where do I start? Right? You know, yeah. And so that was my whole I was like, if I had a list back then. Oh my gosh, it would have been so much easier and quicker. Most definitely. Yeah. So you created now? Yes, yes. I was like I need it. I'm like if I had that tool, I mean, it would just be like okay, well, what room? Am I on that right now? Okay, my bathroom? Well, what do I need to what were my high offenders because in the course, I give you a way to prioritize or rate the products that you're using. And then, and then getting rid of the worst offenders first. Like if you have you know, twos or threes, don't worry about those. If you have eight, the nines, let's do those first. It's just a it takes a lot of the overwhelm off of me, it's still a project, but it removes some of that, like, Oh my gosh, this is gonna seems like it's going to be a huge project. It seems like it's going to be really expensive. It's because you're thinking about throwing away everything at once and then buying everything at once. Right? It doesn't have to be like that. I mean, that's how it was for me. I was like, Oh, crap, I just got rid of everything. What am I going to do? Yeah, yeah. He was food. Same thing. Like just do it one. That's what I always tell everybody just do it one at a time. Because if you do everything, you're going to get kicked back. You've got to start small. And for me, personally, our journey started with food and detoxing our food. And that was when my oldest son, who's now 17, was in kindergarten. And he, he was really having some trouble in the classroom and in hindsight, I can look back and say okay, the environment was not right. But at the time I was like how can I help him How can I support his brain and I knew I could start with something that I could control and that was food and so I just started digging and doing research and what I was learning about the in our food as far as preservatives food dyes how it's grown you know with genetically modified organisms or GMOs and this was 1212 years ago I mean it was it was relatively new on the I mean traditional food real food has been you know around forever Rover's run forever. But I was raised in a processed food home and so that's you know, that's what it's easy, it's convenient. It's all on the store on the store shelf and if it's on the store shelf, it has to be safe for you. I was what I learned and what I what I understood, and when I was learning this stuff, I was like well shoot Okay, I'm gonna I actually watched a TED talk by Robin O'Brian, then you could just google Robin O'Brian, TED talk and it's like 19 minutes long or whatever changed my life it just opened my eyes to how food serves our body and I mean I knew on the you know yes eat your fruits and vegetables you know Eat eat a variety of very diet but really you know, dialing into how was your How are your animals raised? What are they eating because what you are what you eat, but you're also what you eat. And so we made some really quick changes I ended that TED talk and I went into my cabinets and my fridge and I pretty much threw everything away and I was like, Oh no, what do we eat? And I started from scratch now I never I don't recommend to people that follow me to do that because it was very overwhelming and for me, it was like okay, we'll just think simply what what is real? What is what is one ingredient that I can feed my family? five ingredients or less is what Mike Michael Pollan says in our food rules, so I read a lot but what I did find in my huge aha moment was that just changing our food helped our son and as we started moving into regular habits of eating food that was better for us or eliminating what wasn't is really the the key there. We just weren't getting sick. We weren't going to the doctor anymore. We weren't getting our yearly colds and I realized that when I went to well checkup for the kids, I was like, wait, we've been here a while. And Mike and I stopped getting sinus infections. And so those were like little clues like okay, what's going on here and so after food we moved into Okay, well, what we put on our body or skin is our largest largest organ and we we suck up everything that we touch. And so I really started focusing on home stuff and personal care stuff. And at the time, there just weren't good products that weren't non toxic back then. And so I ended up making up a lot of my stuff I only DIY just a few things now but back then I did a lot and there just weren't very many companies that were transparent or trustworthy back then. I mean, I found one but ended up making a lot of my stuff but how I got into all of this is that was any major change like that there has to be a catalyst there has to be something that inspires us to be like I can't do this anymore. There has to be something better and for for us that was our that was our son and his struggles in the classroom and it's simple as that seems that simple like how can I help him gave us so much a much bigger return than we were ever expecting. I knew that I had to tell people about that and and so that's how I started we started a friend of mine who was also like minded and thinking and learning the same things that I was, which none of my other friends were we collaborated and created a blog all about real food and transitioning to real food you know, come to today you know, that was back in 2012 when when we started that and then you know, over the years I've just evolved to really just understanding that I need to make this process simple. And because for me, it was very overwhelming likely because I did it all I was like an all or nothing type approach. And it's, we we have my business partner and I have always talked about baby steps and you know, making one change at a time or if you want to just be all in you can but there is a simple way to do it. There is a non overwhelming way to do it. And I knew that I could create something to help people do this. And so I am all about educating and empowering people to make these changes for themselves. And I do that in my Instagram and sharing information that can maybe inspire that cat Let's make them think, Oh, wait, that's me or interesting. I didn't know that maybe because I really, you know, maybe I felt that way because of the way I was eating or a product I was using. So. So now you are offering people your program of helping them to detox their home. Yes, in a simple way, I like to, it's actually called detox your home in one day. And I like to give people big wins, there's big wins that people can accomplish in one day, probably in less than an hour. And then after that, there's a system and a plan to ditch and switch. And I had, I provide options for things to distance, which if people don't want to do that homework themselves, because it is a lot of education and, and reading labels and, and researching the ingredients and stuff like that. And over the past 12 years, I've done that. So I want to give you an option to try and if you don't like it, that's fine. I'm sure you know, there's other options out there. But I like to I wanted to remove as much of the legwork and the research and the guessing and the trial and error and the the spending of money. I wanted to eliminate that and make it really, really simple. And so that is what I have created. And I can't wait for more people to get their hands on it. Because for us, it was just changing our food was life changing. And then and then what came after was just a snowball. Yeah. Yeah. So what if you had to think of one thing? What do you notice to be the most toxic of the products that families have in their home? That's it. I always people laughed actually that very question. They'll say, Kelly, what's one thing I can throw away today? What's one thing I can switch out today? That's easy. And and it is. Usually people have fabric softener and dryer sheets in their home. And those are two of the most toxic products on the market. Period. And so I always say just throw them away. You don't need fabric softener or dryer sheets for your laundry. Your laundry will survive. So what do you use dryer balls for the dryer? Yep, and I don't use any fabric softener. I just haven't found that I've really needed Yeah, and I also also I would like to say that clean doesn't have a smell. And so if your clothes smell like a like I own not clean not clean and the fabric softener is anyone who has decided that they're going to get rid of fabric softener if they throw it away they throw away the dryer sheets that stuff is is almost impossible to wash out of your clothes Hmm, it's in it will stay for a long long time. And I like to say okay, well if it's sticking to our clothes what else is it sticking to? Yeah, right? We're breathing in it they are one of their one of the most neurotoxic products on the market and and then the second thing would be candles Yeah, everybody has such such sadness about that either. Are there any candles that we can enjoy? Okay, yeah, I think and that's it that comes down to part of research and understanding and reading what's in it and I always like to say it's really easy to remember the one ingredient fragrance fragrance has can have up to 300 ingredients under that label that do not have to be disclosed fragrance if that is a an ingredient in any product. You better believe that it is not a clean product. So if a company uses soy and essential oils and a wood burning wick they're probably a safe company probably okay Earth a product right yes safer product. Yeah, again it comes down to research I just don't I just use diffusers in my home because I've found that I can just recreate that fall candle Yeah, that's the biggest one that's and I can get the the therapeutic benefits that come along with that. I mean, originally I thought essential oils were just to make my house smell good. And then when I discovered their therapeutic benefits that was a huge game changer is what when I realized that it was helping my son sleep like actually sleep and fall asleep. I was like, What's this? What's happening here? And so that was another dive into researching and all of that stuff but definitely part of our journey. But yeah, those three products are definitely We big offenders, okay? In the standard home. Yeah, right, right. So if you can get rid of those three things, you're starting to make some positive changes. Mm hmm. So in regards to that, what do you notice about essential oils? Like what are some of the therapeutic benefits? You said something with your son and sleeping? Yeah, what are a few other things early on and our he was probably 10 at the time he's been there's a lot of people like this that have busy brains and having a busy brain makes it hard to fall asleep because especially if, I mean if you can think if it's anxiety driven, who knows? You're thinking about all the things you want to do tomorrow, you're excited. Brody's brain is just busy he's constantly thinking and he was never upset that he wasn't able to fall asleep. He didn't care he was just like this is just me. He never complained. But I mean we would check on him before we go to bed at like 10 or 1030 and he's still awake and he went to bed at eight and so I was like why are you still up you know that's two hours of good sleep and he was 10 I mean I understand now teenagers they just stay up later but back then it I was I was doing magnesium baths I was turning off the TV at like 5pm no electronics reading you know having a quiet time read him reading his a big reader reading before bed a melatonin? I did melatonin there literally was like What can I do to support this good sleep and my business partner was this was kind of the the entrance into essential oils like as far as the therapeutic side told me about young livings peace and calming blend and and she sent some to me and I didn't have a diffuser at the time. I was using like storebought oils to like drop on like cotton balls around my house for the smell like I that's what I thought they were for that was my candle replacement. And so I got it I was like, What do I do with this? And she was like, Oh, just rub it on his speed. And I was like, Okay, sure. And so I did that and we checked on him after 30 minutes and he was asleep and I was like, What did he do today? Was he really like was really active? Did he have like a busy day in like school or sports and I was literally trying to think of anything other than it could have possibly been the oils and I was like whatever we'll try again we're gonna keep doing this this seemed to Was it a fluke? I don't know and so we continued to to do that for him I'd rep someone is back or speed can alternate it and it was pretty consistent that he was falling asleep he was usually I mean he was asleep when we came to check on them and in hindsight there's a lot of whether his busy brain had to do with anxiety or just thinking there's there's oils in there that that really help with anxiety but there's also oils in there that are very grounding and for for me to understand what grounding meant I was like what does that mean? And it's like imagine that you had a party at your house and they all just left all at the same time and you just go into bed and you just lay down in bed and you're gonna go to sleep that's not gonna happen like oh my god I need to clean up there's a mess out there and there's just not you're just not going to go to sleep and so grounding is the the feeling of being able to understand that it's as if everybody had left before and you know a while ago and maybe you had some tea and you were able to clean up and the house was clean and you're tired and you go to bed that like grounding is like where you can just feel settled and your brain quiets down and so there's some whales in there for that I really kind of that was a I learned that later. And then I was like, I need to know more What else can these do and so as far as other experiences we've had, like I said, it's part of our mommy toolbox. My our household toolbox because our whole family uses them they've been great premium support Young Living has their thieves blend which we diffuse like pretty much all fall and smells like Thanksgiving we'll also put it on our on our bodies in our bodies if if someone in the house is not feeling well, if we're not feeling well they've had all systems support so we've been able to deal with like any digestive issues or tummy aches with little kids emotional issues for stayed the uses. I can't even talk about all of them. I use them daily for yes to make our house smell good. But then also for the our needs, like our body needs and the kids have kind of figured out what they like for sleep what they like for whatever way they're they're feeling and they'll they'll ask, they'll ask me. My husband uses a roll on they have like roll ons and it's a it's called tranquil and it's a blend of lavender romaine kameel and cedar wood. Smells amazing. But he uses that for sleep and he calls it Trank He's been trained and I have to have one on deck he has to see it there otherwise he's like we're out like I can't How am I gonna sleep tonight and I'm like I'm sure you'll sleep just fine but he it's like his favorite thing ever. And I don't know how he came to use it I think I probably had it and he's like I'll try this for sleep and now he swears by it but they've completely changed the way our family looks at first aid and emotional health and just overall you know, well being and supporting our body systems is as we need to and those combined with food and you know, the products we use in our home, I think are huge play a huge role in in our wellness and staying out of the doctor's office. Yeah, for sure. When you talk about detoxing your home and you also use these essential oils are you using these You said you mentioned that you make a lot of your own cleaning supplies now so we're used to okay so now you're something something's I make. Okay, but now there's enough products out there that you feel comfortable using products now. Yes, okay. Okay. Yeah. So what are since we're discussing it, what are some companies you do trust, so we're really started with Young Living. Gosh, back then they had you know, they had their oils obviously and they had their these household cleaner, which at the time I was using vinegar, and lemon for most of my cleaning that in like baking soda for like, you know, like a barkeepers friend type situation. Right? And at first I was really just using the oils I was like, that's all I really want from Young Living and then I had heard people talking about the thieves household cleaner and I understand thieves. The blend is very powerful. And so I was like oh that's interesting that they use the the thieves blend in a cleaner and so it's plant based and I did some research on it and I was like well I'll give it a try. And it comes in like a like a little bottle but it's concentrated and so there's like 30 uses or 30 you would just get like an empty spray bottle right you know and fill it with water and then add your capital of these cleaner and that's your all purpose cleaner. And then I'll have I have another one that's like maybe three capsules. That's more like strong. And then when I need like super heavy duty stuff like my husband cleaned out a dent like a chest freezer that had kind of like it was dirty he was worried that there was maybe some mold in there. We didn't dilute it at all. I mean it was barely diluted. We just we just dumped it in there because he he was like no I'm going to use bleach and but then he started thinking like wait this is going to be going into the ground the chickens are out here. It's going to get into more water and so then he was like nevermind let's just use that these and it's a great cleaners. That one cleaner I found replaced all of my cleaners that replaced my glass cleaner. I use it for glass I use it for counters I use it for toilets, I use it for sinks, I use it for my floors, I use it literally for everything and it ends up being like $1 a bottle. Oh my goodness it's so super affordable and it's amazing and it's something that you could clean your showers with yes when I get up maybe if I need like a little like more grout like if I needed to get like like moldy corners and stuff or mildew me stuff I'll just use the higher I'll just make a higher concentration so I might use like three capsules or five capsules depending on what I'm cleaning but for and that's usually for showers and bathtubs I used that they really started with that but they've since added over the years products that I can use in other areas so they recently added like a kind of like a barkeepers friend that is those thieves and and baking soda and other abrasives to clean like your ceramic your sinks and things like that they've added dish soap and dishwashing detergent and laundry soap and they just added those things and so over the years I have been able to pull those in and and try them one of the things I still make on my own is because it's so easy is my dish soap like what I'm just like clean washing my dishes with and I still make that because it's super easy but I also like young livings too so you know depends on you know what I'm feeling what I'm feeling like can you tell us what you had I said so easy. Okay, I want to know Castiel soap I think I so take your like dish container, right you're gonna fill in a third of the way with kasteel soap. And then I just do like as I'm not really a measure I'll do like to like squirts of vegetable glycerin into the bottle. Okay, I like to add essential oils because just because it smells good. And fill it with water and then shake it up and there you go. Sometimes like Sometimes people, I think when people make the shift from storebought cleaning products to either homemade or non toxic, it's missing an ingredient that makes everything sudsy. And so it's not cleaning because it's another where the bubbles, right, and, and so a little trick you can do is add a little baking soda to that and you're gonna get more of a bubbly experience. But the more psychological than anything else, it really is missing the SLS, which is the sodium lauryl sulfate, which creates that those bubbles. And so that's like kind of a mindset shift like Oh, wait, where are the bubbles. But if you like bubbles, you can add some add some baking soda to that one thing that I can think of about many moms as they're listening to you say this. They're thinking but with all this bacteria, is it going to be killing all the bacteria that are in my kitchen? On my dishes in my shower, right? Yes. Yes, the thieves cleaner is a very safe alternative to bleach. And it is just as effective. You can go online, some people have done like a science experiments where they will like take a they'll take their petri dishes and swab, like a bathroom or a counter or whatever. And then they will use maybe they'll put a solution of you'll have their control and then you'll have a solution of bleach have a solution of hassle cleaner. Have a solicitous solution of vege I'm sorry, vinegar and lemon, or vinegar and water, whatever. And the thieves household cleaner is just as good as Leach. Okay, so I have never felt like oh my gosh, this is this is gonna we're gonna my family's gonna die. I felt like that when I started fermenting foods, but yes, that's a different story. But I've never felt it's always done a really good job. We I have a lady that helps me clean my house, and she loves the household cleaner. She uses it in other houses. So that's usually my like, she'll tell me She's like, no, this isn't good. Like what I used to make stuff, she's like, Don't make this anymore. And I was hoping it would but she loves the household cleaner. I have no worries about like bacteria or viruses just because the thieves blend is is known for being anti, what are some signs that it might be time to detox your home. Most people don't even know that they have these signs, I think it's just part of either getting older, or just maybe just the cards they were dealt, but illness, any kind of serious, meaning serious illnesses like cancer, Alzheimer's, and even your regularly getting cold. Like our immune systems are pretty, pretty amazing. And when we can support them well, and by getting rid of some of the things that might be, you know, hindering, right? As we found out, I mean, I used to get multiple sinus infections a year. And then they were just gone. And I was like, Oh, why I feel like I haven't been there in a long time. And you'll just notice, so any illness serious OR, or NOT a regular, you know, seasonal colds, even Nero issues like neurological issues like for us it was the ATD or ADHD, even brain fog, anxiety and depression, gut issues, if you have issues with your gut, poor liver function. Like I said, we can mean systems, skin issues, like eczema, back to neuro issues like multiple sclerosis, anything, that it's really like anything, but for people, I think that they're thinking like skin issues is usually a sign of some type of gut issue. And you can always look to your environment, always. And it's easy to eliminate that piece. And then you can dig deeper on why those issues are happening. But I think a lot of people find that they just aren't getting sick anymore. They don't have really as much brain fog as they thought they did. Maybe some skin issues disappear. All with the products that they're putting on their body and in the food they're putting in their body. Pretty much everyone corny needs to just get rid of the crap, right? New ingredients that are improved that are are often approved by the manufacturer themselves. So when someone when a company decides to put something in their product, it's the company that decides that they usually the FDA isn't even aware that a new ingredient has been has been introduced. And so the FDA really defaults to the manufacturer to do their their own testing to determine if an additive or if a product is safe. And while that seems like that it really you know, it takes a load They're played, it really puts the impetus on the company to show that their product is safe. And as it should be, they should, the company should be able to prove that their product is safe. If a company says it's safe, they can go ahead and use it. Without any input from the public. The testing is generally performed on animals, which we all know. And they the way the testing works is they get a large dose, relatively large dose in a short amount of time. And so obviously, I think that as companies are able to provide their own safety testing, there is a opportunity for a conflict of interest. So if they can, they can provide Oh, this person tested it for me that there there's a little bit of conflict of interest that comes in there without a third party testing that's completely removed from the from the process. So companies just have to hire their own experts and claim that it's not harmful, then they're given usually the green light to start adding it to products and the FDA will give it a label called grass gra s, which is called generally regarded as safe. And so because of the what seems like loopholes in the system, it is really on us as the consumer to do our own homework. And that's where label reading really comes in. So the FDA isn't like the the blanket like, Oh, this is safe, because the FDA said so because the just the way that it works, the way that it's set up the way laws are set up. So it's really on the consumer to do a lot of research. And because the FDA requires ingredients to be on labels, we have that ability now, things like natural flavors, fragrance, there's there's a lot of loopholes, where they can sneak ingredients in sneak sound sneaky, they can have ingredients in that that don't necessarily need to be disclosed individually. Because they they fall under that, that definition. And so that's why having the awareness and understanding Okay, natural flavors that's proprietary, but I don't know what's in it, and they won't give you that information. Because it's proprietary. They that's their recipe. So for me, like I know, okay, natural flavors, I mean I use, I used discretion but fragrance is one of my hardness. If it says fragrance, I find a different option unless the fragrance is actually listed out in the ingredients. And usually those that use essential oils, every essential oil that's, that's used as listed. So it's easy to see, okay, that's why it sounds like this, because that's the label reading is really what it comes down to as far as being empowered to make choices for products that are that are good for, you know, for our families. But yeah, and unfortunately, everything on the safe on the on the store and the shelf may not be in our best interest. And and that's too bad. But yeah, it's really unfortunate, and that we rely so heavily on others to ensure that we're safe. And I think like you said, it's also very difficult for us and I know, I mean, you can go to a store and look up everything. It's very time consuming, which is why most people end up probably just giving up grabbing something. So your list, helping them guide them is a great option. So one app that that I use in my, in my program, it's called think dirty. Okay, got it. That's it, lots of people know about it, it's a great way it's a great tool to use in the grocery store. So if you're like okay, I don't know about this, let me just scan it and see and you can just scan the barcode and it will give you a rating of zero to nine and nine is bad. Zero is good. Okay, so that's the range and so you can say Oh, okay, you know, you can use that to guide your, your purchasing on the surface, right, and then you can start digging deep and really dialing it in, but that's a great resource. Another one is called ew g.org that is the Environmental Working Group, they have a database called skin deep and you can actually type in individual ingredients into their search bar and they'll give you basically a breakdown of that particular ingredient any known hazards any any diseases it's linked to all of that stuff. So you know skin deep has been around for years and years and that's pretty much what I used to kind of to help me you know, find things and pick things. But that was literally looking at the bottle and typing in each and every. So think dirty app makes makes it a little bit it's actually what I use to create my like prioritization system, okay? Because it's easy. That gives you a Quick like grade, and then you can start finding things that that fit better for you. And this is for food and cleaning products. No, it's just cleaning products. Products really like any product you use on your body or in your home. Food is food is different. Okay, you can look up. I think on ew g you can look up food ingredients. Okay. I think there is one out there I can't think of it. I'll try to research it. But I do think there is one for food products as well. Something similar, like a A to D rating or something. I feel like I remember an A to F or I don't remember. So for the families who have children. What products would you recommend switching out? You've already mentioned the fabric softener, the dryer sheets and the candles? Can you recommend anything more specific for children? So for children I like to think of like what are they? What are they exposed to? regularly? Well they're exposed to how their clothes are washed right and what they're wearing. So I say change what you're washing their clothes with? What are they washing their bodies with? What soap are they using? What shampoo are they using? All of that stuff? Because that's that whatever we put on our body goes in our body and that goes with lotions too. And what are the brushing your teeth with? Look at those ingredients. There's food dye if your food if your toothpaste is blue, there's food dye in it, or any color unless it is listed on the label if something is something else, right, we tend to stay away from fluoride because it's a neurotoxin. And so what else oh and deodorant if your kids old enough to be using deodorant, you know staying away from aluminum and finding a better deodorant option. That is actually one of the things I still make is deodorant and years ago, all the natural deodorants really sucked like yeah, did not help at all network at all. And so I made I made one and it was really working for me it's not an antiperspirant so people that are shifting from antiperspirants to deodorant, are going to sweat and it's natural to sweat you should be sweating. It's a huge detox pathways sweating, especially through your armpits. And so that's something I had to get used to was sweating. But it totally worked as it works as far as like preventing any type of odor and the way that I knew it was good was my husband started using it without me like asking him to I mean he's usually a he calls me like a hippie granola like I can't because I was literally making everything and he tried it without me asking and he was like I have to say he's like this is the best deodorant I've ever used in my life. He's like I don't smell at the end of the day and it's like the only problem is and he's like my pets are on fire and so the baking soda he was super sensitive just the recipe album but now he's at the full like I was able to like inch it up the baking soda backup once he was able to kind of detox from whatever he was dealing with and now he he he doesn't use the sensitive skin recipe anymore he just uses the regular one but both of us still use it the boys prefer to they don't like the thing with mine is I you apply if your hand like a like a paste you know you just kind of dip your fingers in and rub it on like a lotion and the boys don't like that too much and so they use Young Living one that is pretty decent. There's also a couple others like we use schmidts native those are those who seem to do a good job that are terrible or like don't work at all so yeah one of the so deodorant is probably the last thing but if you have small kids it's always just in babies you know what are we putting on their on their bodies there it's really just that's a that's a great place to start. Okay, and do you happen to have a link for the deodorant or do you just this is something you make your yes so okay so if you really quick you're listening you can google just google Oh, my my website with my it's on my old party website but I have with my my business partner. Okay, and just search Oh lordy. Oh, h la RDY deodorant. Okay to come up. Perfect. Okay, already deodorant, and I'll put it in the show notes as well. But yeah, okay. Yeah, that's one that I still make. The few things that I still make. That's one of them. Okay, let us know where can people find you and if you offer so you've given us deodorant. Do you have any guides that you have on your website? And also about your yes so you can find me on Instagram at Kelly dot listen and I have a link tree in there with with lots of goodies as far as so I talked about my course detox your home and one day you can find that at Kelly Liston calm and there's actually three parts to that the detox your home in one day is $27 and it really gets you your you started and then you can add on the digital shopping guide if you want a lot of people like doing that homework themselves. And so I it's an option to add it on. Okay, then it also moves into a detox your pantry as a as a graduated level. And that's something I tried to do in one day, but found that it did take a little bit longer. Yeah, um, and so I have the detox your pantry, of course, as well. And all of that will going through all of that will get you really on a good path to having stuff out of your home, out of your food, and give you the education on how to be how to discern what you do bring in to your home, I also have my I have a detoxing lifestyle community on Facebook that just searched detox and lifestyle. And it's relatively new, like very new I did have it's on a different platform and I've moved it and so not very many people in there right now, because I've moved it and I decided to focus on growing that there, I have an email list and when I went to for free, I do have three products you can ditch today, I have that that is a PDF that you can grab I have a recipe for my dish soap that you can grab all of that subscribes you to my email list and then I have the three products that you can I can send all of those links to you. Okay, perfect, Courtney um but so I my course I have the three products to ditch I have the dish, the dish soap recipe, and and it has like a follow up information on on why you want to avoid certain things in those products. Okay, and But yeah, I hang out on on Instagram, I love messaged me there. I love connecting there. I answer all of my messages. And I just love just spreading the message. Because it has changed our lives. It's been amazing. Oh, one thing you asked me earlier that I didn't circle back to was or that I had wanted to circle back to was you'd asked if there were any companies that I have found that that have been trustworthy. And I said that I started with Young Living and they've they've, they've added all of these products they've actually become really a household. I could I could do my whole house with there. But there are other products I found that I like better. And so in my digital shopping guide, it's not just Young Living I actually also love beauty counter beauty counter is another company with a miss admission to get crap out of the stuff that we're putting on our body. And it's totally aligned with what I do. And I love anything for my face. I love I love beauty counter for that. There's Gosh. And then there's like these a couple of just like mom and pop companies that I have found that sell good stuff. Yeah. And people ask me what should I use for this, which I use it for this and I have like, like I said, I have a ton of recommendations and, and stuff like that. But two huge companies Young Living and beautycounter have been a game changer in our home. As far as just like those, those products that you're just using every day and washing my hands with hand soap every day. I'm putting moisturizer on my face every day, right? Because I mean Young Living has a lot of stuff. But I like some things from other companies than it just as it should be. Right? There's one company for for everything. Because some companies are better at things than others. So yeah, yeah, unfortunately, there's so many more today. And it's so much easier. Yes, yes, yeah. But once I find a company, I usually stick with them because I've just found that it's a good product and and they're transparent and and their message admissions are aligned with mine. Right? Well, thank you so much for taking the time out to talk to me. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to listen in. And I hope that you found this information from Kelly very valuable. Make sure to head over to our show notes so that you can take a look at all the different things that she is providing us. She's got some free things for you all she's got the directions on how to make the deodorant and the dish soap for you. So make sure to check those out. And I hope you all have a wonderful day. Thank you so much for joining us today. If you could do me a favor if you like what you hear, could you leave us a review or take a screenshot and share your favorite takeaway on social media and make sure to tag us over at raising underscore healthy human. Now go out and enjoy more movement around your neck.